Engine Configuration Options

A number of other configuration options are available from the Engine to fine-tune behavior and safeguards.

MethodNot available underDescription
set_optimization_levelno_optimizesets the amount of script optimizations performedSee script optimization
set_max_expr_depthsuncheckedsets the maximum nesting levels of an expression/statementSee maximum statement depth
set_max_call_levelsuncheckedsets the maximum number of function call levels (default 50) to avoid infinite recursionSee maximum call stack depth
set_max_operationsuncheckedsets the maximum number of operations that a script is allowed to consumeSee maximum number of operations
set_max_modulesuncheckedsets the maximum number of modules that a script is allowed to loadSee maximum number of modules
set_max_string_sizeuncheckedsets the maximum length (in UTF-8 bytes) for stringsSee maximum length of strings
set_max_array_sizeunchecked, no_indexsets the maximum size for arraysSee maximum size of arrays
set_max_map_sizeunchecked, no_objectsets the maximum number of properties for object mapsSee maximum size of object maps
disable_symboldisables a certain keyword or operatorSee disable keywords and operators